While many video conferencing applications have built-in webcam testers, they may not always be reliable. An online webcam tester, like the one offered by themictest, can quickly verify if your webcam is working correctly and even test your microphone at the same time.

Here’s how to use the themictest online webcam tester:

How to Use the Online Webcam Test

執筆者 | 5月 18, 2024

Step 1: Allow Webcam Access

  • Visit the online webcam test on themictest.
  • When prompted by your browser, click “Allow” to grant the website access to your webcam. This is usually a pop-up near the address bar at the top of your screen (on PC) or requires scrolling up (on mobile).
  • If your browser blocks pop-ups, you might not see the prompt to grant access to your speakers or microphone.

Step 2: Test Your Webcam

  • Click the button labeled “Test Webcam”. This will initiate the test for both your webcam and microphone.

Step 3: Observe the Webcam Feed

  • If your webcam is working correctly, you should see yourself displayed in the video window.

Step 4: Adjust Positioning (Optional)

  • Use your webcam’s built-in adjustments or reposition your device to center yourself in the frame. You can also adjust your microphone positioning for better audio quality.


  • If you don’t see yourself in the video window or the microphone indicator isn’t moving, try refreshing the page or closing and reopening your browser.
  • Make sure your webcam and microphone are not disabled in your device settings.
  • Ensure proper lighting in your environment for a clearer image.
  • For your microphone, try speaking in a normal tone to see if the level indicator responds accordingly.
  • If you’re still having trouble, themictest have a troubleshooting guide on their website for further assistance.