8 Best Mic for Discord (Updated List)

by | Sep 21, 2021 | Guide, New

Discord is the present way to voice chat and connect with your friends on the web. Whether it’s a virtual interview or streaming online games, you’ll be able to connect with people you want to connect with. You will also need to have the best mic for discord for superior audio quality while connecting with people.

Choosing the right mic for you is quite necessary. As everyone is going to recognize you with your voice. So it’s very essential to have excellent voice quality and lesser background noise. This is why you need to discover the best mic for discord.

There are dozens of microphones available on the web, but we present you with the best user- friendly microphones that will meet all your streaming needs.


• Blue snowball ice USB mic

This is one of the fairly priced best discord microphone with prime quality look. It provides superior audio quality and comes with a flat base stand. This microphone has superb plug and play connectivity.


• Fifine K669B

The microphone provides excellent high quality sound and even by being in a budget. It has long cable length, so you can use it while sitting distant away. It comes with a tripod stand and is very easy to set up.


• Hyper X QuadCast

The microphone has been created by incorporating with four polar patterns. It has a LED indicator that States whether you are muted or not. It is one of the budget friendly microphones over the web with superior features.


• Rode NT- USB

This microphone is a bit expensive but has excellent features for discord. It is so small that it can fit over any place and even portable. It comes with a Pop shield and desktop stand. Furthermore, it has a cardioid polar pattern and exchangeable tip.


• XLR condenser microphone

This is a very versatile microphone which is user-friendly and offers crystal clear sound. It has a Pop filter to cut pop sound from certain words. It is foldable and that makes it easy to carry anywhere.


• Razer seiren X

It is one of the most affordable microphone with premium quality features. It is so small that it can fit over any place. Likewise, it comes with a shock resistant desk. If you want to go for best audio quality within your budget, this microphone will be your right choice.


• Blue Yeti USB mic

The microphone is pretty good and user-friendly, but it is quite expensive. It comes in a variety of colors. It has a mute button to mute yourself when you want. It is very easy to set up over any place and pretty handy.


• Shure MVS microphone

The microphone comes with angle adjustable stand and has both IOS and USB connectivity. It also comes with Shure plus Motive app. It is very small and can be placed almost anywhere you want.

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