7 World’s Costliest Microphones That Cost More Than $8000

A microphone, essentially, is a device that translates sound waves into electric signals which are then converted back to sound waves. The first microphone is reported to be invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 in the form of a telephone transmitter. In 1877, the first carbon-button microphone was introduced by Emile Berliner. It was a drum-like device with a carbon button on it. Since then, there have been many inventions.

The transformations with the microphone have been revolutionary. With technological advancements and changing times, microphones are more accessible and are used way more than they were expected to in the present day.

With all the buzz around microphones, we looked up for the best in the industry. Presenting you with the world’s costliest microphones. Here’s the list. Read on.

1. Brauner VM1S

Priced at $10,799.00, released in 1999, this dual-large-diaphragm microphone is the most expensive microphone in the market presently. It is the stereo version of the premium VM1 microphone by Brauner.

It fundamentally consists of two corresponding VM1 mics, which permits the individual control of the movement of both the mics. Each component has its own power supply and tube circuit. With the highest resolution of sonic detail, this exceptional microphone can be used in mono or stereo mode and is undoubtedly the most multi-faceted microphone in the industry today.


2. Telefunken Elektroakustik ELA M 251 T

Priced at $9,995.00, just after ten years, in 2009, Telefunken released its most expensive ELA M 251 T, a remake of the ELA M 251. This microphone belongs to the Diamond Series of Telefunken. Similar to Brauner VM 1S, ELA M 251 T is a large-diaphragm multi-pattern tube condenser microphone. With strong resemblance to the previous 251 predecessors, 251 T is more state of the art with the Telefunken CK-13 capsule. The capsule ensures better sound clarity in the bottom-end of the T-version when compared with its ELA M 251 counterparts. The alloy 2213 which is an amalgam of Titanium and Aluminium is the reason behind this excellent feature.

3. Telefunken Elektroakustik ELA M 251 E

Priced at $9,495.00, number 3 in the list for the world’s costliest microphones goes to the Telefunken ELA M 251 E. Similar to 251 T, this microphone is also a remake of the ELA M 251 microphones. With the best features of its previous counterparts, ELA M 251 holds the authenticity of the revolutionary 1959 microphones.

Contemporary features make way for current handling and decreased noise than the original. With that said, this remake is just as par excellence as its predecessors.


4. Telefunken Elektroakustik C12

Priced at $8,995.00 Telefunken rules the fourth position too. The Telefunken C12 microphone is the remake of the legendary AKG C12. With similar features to the original AKG C12, it is one of the best sounding microphones.

This version of C12 has a composition that ensures low sound and higher consistency, using less power at the same time.


5. Telefunken Elektroakustik U47

Priced at $8,995.00, at number 5, we have Telefunken spreading its charm again with U47, a remake of the famous Telefunken/ Neumann U47. With different tube and transformer than its predecessor, this is another one of Telefunken’s excellences.

It has an amazing low-end response and an exceptionally smooth top-end that enhances the sound quality tremendously. Sold by a vendor in Moscow, Russia, the vintage Telefunken U 47 is mostly bought as a vintage relic to be admired as a piece of history.

The desirability for the vintage Telefunken U 47 has only been increasing mainly as a piece of investment because it comes with all of its parts still working in order. The fact that these models are rare makes this microphone one of the costliest in the world.


6. Telefunken Elektroakustik U48

Priced at $8,995.00, another remake, this microphone is the modified version of the Telefunken U48 (another version of the U 47) and belongs to the Telefunken Diamond series. The only difference between the two is in their different pick-up patterns. The U47 has one-directional pattern and U48 has two-directional pick-up patterns. Both of them are exceptional at their functioning and perform phenomenally.


7. Josephson Engineering C725

Priced at $8,800.00, with its versatility, the Josephson Engineering C725 works exceptionally well with a wide array of studio applications. It is an internal shock- mounted, large-diaphragm FET hybrid condenser microphone.

This microphone stands out with its aluminium foam grille and FET circuitry. The aluminium grille needs no external support, hence, making external rejections and internal reflections minimal, giving the C725 a remarkable sound pickup.

This microphone employs a tailored low-noise FET for the internal voltage gain stage and a pentode vacuum is used for the current gain stage. With this combination, this C725 provides the best of both the worlds.