Sound Test | Online Tool for Right Left Speaker Test

INSTRUCTIONS (For Sound Test):

Simply click on the left-facing or the right-facing speaker icon to do the right left speaker test.

If you hear a sound from the speaker of your device or headphone, your speaker is working totally fine.

    left speaker test
    right speaker test

    Having trouble with Sound Test? Try following steps to properly do Headphone Test/ Right Left Speaker Test

    Are you not able to hear sound from both the left and right speaker? Or you had only one speaker test successful?

    Well, you don’t need to worry.

    Follow the steps below and check your laptop speaker or headphone setup easily –

    Check if your speakers and headphones are correctly connected to your PC/ Laptop.

    * You should ensure that your speaker and headphone are not muted and are powered on. Turn your computer’s volume up for headphone test/ sound test.

    * If you have plugged-in your headphones, you should be able to hear sound in your left and right speakers of your headphones while doing online speaker test.
    You should unplug your headphones if you wish to test your laptop speaker or speakers connected to your desktop.

    * You need to ensure the connection of speakers before doing an online sound test. Some models require speakers to connect with each other and then to the PC. So, you should make sure that speakers are properly connected to your computer.

    * You could face sound card driver issues as well. Missing or expired sound drivers on your PC may cause speakers to not work properly. So, in this case, you would need to reinstall or update sound card drivers to pass the laptop speaker test/ headphone test.

    How to update the sound card driver on your PC?

    Step 1- Open “Computer” or “My Computer”

    Step 2- Then click on Manage > Device Manager, and then double-click on “Sound, video and game controllers”

    Step 3- Right click on the Sound card > Properties, and open the Driver tab

    Step 4- Then choose “Update Driver…” > “Search automatically for Driver updates”

    Step 5- Now, uninstall sound card drivers from the Device Manager, and then download and install new drivers from your computer manufacturer or driver providers to properly setup your laptop speaker.

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