AirPods Mic Not Working on PC

AirPods are revolutionary in style and function, but few users reported facing issues with the AirPods Mic not working with their PC. We tried to delve deeper into this and tried to find a solution for you. Read on if you face problems using your AirPods Mic on PC too.

For a couple of years, Apple’s AirPods have ruled over the market with millions of headphones sold every year.

Apple has always outdone itself and stood out from the crowd with its products, making sure that they are completely in accordance with the iOS system. However, with a majority of users preferring to use a Windows OS, some of the compatibility of the Apple products suffers. Such is the case with the Airpods. It is reported by users that they face adaptability issues while using the Mic on PC.

Apple with its expertise always makes sure to make their products as accessible as possible. AirPods have been excellent and simple to use with iOS, however, the case is not so similar with PC. When you connect them to a PC, the option of “head telephone” shows up in the Device Manager. Users find it difficult to connect with applications like Discord and Skype.


How to fix AirPods mic on PC?


Solution 1 : Check if the Windows/Drivers are updated

Solution 2 : Update your Firmware

Solution 3 : Configure Audio Setting of your PC

Solution 4 : Use a new Bluetooth Adapter

Solution 5 : Run the in-built Troubleshooters

Solution 1 : Check if the Windows/Drivers are updated.

You may face issues with the AirPods’s compatibility if any of the above is not updated.

Put the Windows and device drivers, specifically the Bluetooth drivers on update. Ensure no optional update is pending.
Now check if the AirPods Mic is working fine.

Solution 2 : Update your Firmware

Sometimes, not keeping the Firmware up-to-date can cause compatibility errors too. To update the Firmware, simply:

First put the AirPods in the case and bring them close to your iPhone, open the case and remove the notification from the phone

Now go to iPhone’s Settings>General> About>> AirPods> Firmware Version

Update your Firmware and check if the Mic is working now.

Solution 3 : Configure Audio Setting of your PC

Many a times, the Mic issue could arise due to the customized settings. To avoid this and to ensure a smooth Audio output:

– Click Right on the Volume Icon

– Choose Playback Devices

– Select your Headphones

– Set Default

Solution 4 : Use a new Bluetooth Adapter

There is a possibility that you are facing the Mic issue due to the built-in Bluetooth Adapter. This could raise compatibility issues while using the Mic.

Therefore, it is suggested to use a new Bluetooth Adapter. Users have reported of successful mic compatibility with the new Bluetooth Adapter.

Solution 5 : Run the in-built Troubleshooters

The AirPod Mic may fail to work if there are system operations stuck in the background. To do this,

Click on the Windows icon> Settings>Select Update and Security in the left column

Click on the Troubleshoot Tab> Choose Additional Troubleshooters on the bottom right

Click on “Run The Troubleshooter”

Apply the Troubleshooter suggestions and see if the Mic is working fine now

If the same issue persists, choose the Recording Audio option in the Additional Troubleshooter section and click on the “Run The Troubleshooter”

This would hopefully solve the issue.

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