Mic Not Working on PS4

With a profound gaming experience and marvellous graphics, PS4 has been ruling the gaming industry for a while now. It provides the gamers with an interface to communicate with each other while the game is still in process. However, many users are facing issues with the PS4 mic not working. Sometimes, they can hear others talking, but the other players may not be able to hear them.

There are many reasons which can lead to this problem; therefore, you may need to try a few fixes in order to identify the real issue and solve it.

Reasons your PS4 mic is not working:

1. Check for any Hardware issue : Your PS4 was working fine until now, but all of a sudden, stops functioning. You may want to check your hardware in this case. The headsets are the most prone to damage in a PS4. The problems can arise due to a damaged port, plug or cable. Thoroughly check your entire headset- the cable, plug. Check if the cable is torn or loose somewhere. Also check the audio port, if any dust or any obstruction is causing the issue. If you find any of these, know that the problem is with the headset and not with the console or the controller and work on the same.

2. Check the Audio Settings : The first thing that you need to check before making any conclusions is the audio settings. It is more than possible that the mic problem is arising due to incorrect audio settings or some problem with the configuration. You can check by changing the mic level or other mic settings.

3. Issues with the NAT : Your headset is working fine, you can hear the other players talking, but can’t talk to them. Another possible reason in the list could be the NAT type on your PS4. Your PS4 has three types of NAT:

Type 1 – Open
Type 2 – Moderate
Type 3 – Strict

You may be facing communication issues if your NAT type is set to Strict. To change, go to router settings and proceed with the port forwarding process. If you are unable to locate these settings, you can contact your internet service provider or the router dealer.

4. Update your Firmware : Sometimes, your PS4 may not work as good as you expect it to if you are not regular with the updates. Check if there is any pending update and update your firmware right away, if that is the case. Note that the PS4 functions do not run smoothly on changed or foreign software. If you’re facing voice issues and you have a modified console, this could be causing the error. Try changing to the original version and see if this solves the problem for you.

Now that you know of the various reasons that might be causing the mic issues, let’s delve into the possible fixes for these problems. However, please note that if none of these fixes works, you may need to change your headset.

Solution 1 : Try Power cycling

Switch off your system completely and let it cool down. Wait for a while before switching it on. This simple procedure can fix many small errors with your PS4. After switching the system on, you can check if the problem is solved.


Solution 2 : Check your Headset thoroughly

You need to check if the issue you are facing is in fact due to the headset. You can try using the headset on another PS4 or some other system to verify. If your headset is working fine, the problem lies somewhere else.


Solution 3 : Update your Software

If the headset is not the culprit, you need to check for other possible causes. In order to do that, you must make sure that your PS4 has the latest possible software. If this is not the case, please update the software and check if you are still facing mic issues.


Solution 4 : Check Audio settings

Another possible cause as discussed above, is the audio settings. Your headset may be connected to the PS4 but not recognized completely.

To fix this issue, Go to Settings on the home screen

Select ” Sound and screen”

Choose Audio output Settings

Now, if you see the ” Chat Audio” option inactive or not selected, it indicates that the headset is not recognized by the PS4. To solve this, make sure that the cord of the headset is properly connected and is not loose anywhere.


Solution 5 : Change the Plug Angle

If the Audio Settings are okay, and the headset is also properly connected, there could be a problem with the controller port not being able to connect with the headset plug.

To correct this, you may need to unplug the headset from the controller and change the plug angle in the port. If the plug was loose or was not inserted fully, or was too tight, slightly pulling the plug out or in could make the PS4 identify the mic. As soon as the mic is recognized, a notification regarding the connection will appear on the screen. Check if this solution works for you to solve the mic issue.


Solution 6 : Check the side volume or Mic gain settings

Sometimes, you may forget to check the sidetone volume. Though, this might be your first instinct, as soon as you face the issue, however, many a time, the easiest of solutions are ignored. The side volume controls the volume of the headset. You can try switching it off and on, a few times, to check if this is the actual problem.

Take the same steps for the Mic gain settings. For this:

Go to Settings> Devices> Audio Devices

Select ” Adjust Microphone Level”


Solution 7 : Troubleshoot the Controller

If the problem is with the controller, you will need to reset the controller. For this, go to factory settings and click on the Hardware Reset button. Your PS4 will return to its previous factory settings, fixing any existing error with the controller.

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